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2019 International Housekeeping Week Prizes & Winners

Congratulations to this year’s winners! Thank you for showing your appreciation to your Kings and Queens of Clean in fun and unique ways, and for sharing your stories on the Housekeeping Wall of Fame. All of our winning locations will receive a USD $100 gift card, good toward a team celebration. Read their stories below and use them for inspiration to recognize your Housekeeping team in the future.

A Night at the Movies. During International Housekeeping Week, Canopy Reykjavik City Centre found the perfect way for their Tidiness Enthusiasts to relax after a hard shift. A great movie, awesome company, and more than enough candy and popcorn did the trick. It was just like being in a real theater! “Our hardworking Tidiness Enthusiasts enjoyed a movie night together, watching an all-time classic Dirty Dancing,” said Alda Mekkín Blöndal.

Walking the Red Carpet. There were many special events at Conrad Algarve during International Housekeeping Week. The Kings and Queens entered the hotel on a red carpet and posed for the paparazzi. A kick off breakfast followed. Throughout the week, Housekeeping royalty were treated to crepes with ice cream, cocktails, and bifanas. While the Housekeeping team had fun, the General Manager and other managrs competed in games such as the Iron a Shirt challenge and cleaned rooms. As Cláudia Leite said, “Another fantastic week… another great year!”

Celebrating Polynesian Style. Conrad Bora Bora Nui celebrated International Housekeeping Week Polynesian style. From a blind bed making contest to Pictionary to room decorations, the Housekeepers showed their magic. “The Housekeeping Team is full of creativity,” Claire Josset said. “They also create magic moments for our customers.” The highlights of the week were costumes created from flowers and sheets, the floral and towel room art, and many selfies taken using a custom carved wooden frame. And don’t forget all the flowers!

Team Clean. Legend Hotel Lagos Airport, Curio Collection by Hilton celebrated the reliable and hardworking Kings and Queens of Clean. They posed for a team photo using the props downloaded from the Recognition website, but they added their own twist: They attached some of the props to dowels, but they created paper handles for most of them when they cut them out! “We’re so proud of our Housekeeping Team for continuously striving for excellence,” noted Ashley Smit. “Their hard work is well appreciated by all — our guests are feeling the love!”

Masters of Housekeeping. The Housekeeping Team at DoubleTree by Hilton Doha - Old Town participated in the Housekeeping Masters Sub-Regional Finals 2019. They had several challenges, such as towel art, bed making, ironing, and a memory challenge. But it all was not about games. The team also enjoyed their favorite foods personally made by their supervisors. The highlight of the week was when the Housekeepers surprised the guests with a flashmob in the lobby. “Congratulations for a job well done,” said Albertha Formaran. “You are amazing!”

It Started with Cake. DoubleTree by Hilton Dubai - Jumeirah Beach opened International Housekeeping Week with a cake cutting ceremony along with the hotel General Manager. They celebrated all week long with fun competitions, such as bed making and towel art, and good food. On Day Five they had a dinner party with their General Manager. The Housekeepers closed the week with volleyball and a pizza party outside on the beach. “Our Kings and Queens had fun while competing each other, said Dineesh Cheriyandiyil. “We are proud to have such a great team.”

It’s a Carnival! International Housekeeping Week at Housekeepers at DoubleTree by Hilton Toronto Downtown was filled with giveaways, contests, special meals, and treats, The hotel hosted a Carnival with a luncheon. The relay race included stuffing pillows, making a cot, hanging a shower curtain, and vacuuming rice from the carpet. “Senior managers were great sports but they couldn't compete as well as our Kings and Queens of Clean,” commented Isabel Carreiro. There were also a mummy contest, a pancake breakfast, a price is right game, a room inspection competition, and their annual towel origami contest.

Housekeepers Show Off. At Embassy Suites by Hilton San Antonio Landmark, International Housekeeping week was about showing appreciation to their wonderful team. They had a party filled with food, fun, and games. “Thank you to all our Housekeeping Team Members for your hard work, and dedication,” said Norma Gutierrez. “You are our Kings and Queens of Clean.” The Housekeepers enjoyed breakfast tacos and omelets by the GM. San Antonio had an 80s-themed Bed Making Competition, and the hotel had two Team Members participate. Over 270 Housekeepers competed from across the city to show off their skills.

Thriving at the Beach. The highlight of International Housekeeping Week at Embassy Suites by Hilton San Juan Hotel & Casino was when the Housekeeping Manager invited the team to the beach in Isla Verde to thrive on a beautiful afternoon. To their surprise, the GM showed up with tasty local treats. They laughed when she took off her heels, walked across the beach, and sat with them. She had such a blast seeing their smiles and enthusiasm that when she left she forgot her shoes! “Thank you our amazing Housekeeping Team for always going above and beyond for our guests,” said Cynthia Rodriguez. “You rock!”

Proud to be Hilton. International Housekeeping Week in Hampton by Hilton Hermosillo was celebrated with pride to belong to Hilton and to be in Mexico! The Housekeepers enjoyed a buffet breakfast and participated in many fun activities where they had a chance to earn Hilton dollars that could be redeemed for prizes. They even had games in the pool! The Queen of Housekeeping won prizes including one Hampton night. “They laughed and enjoyed the games to the maximun,” said Veronica Rodriguez, “Especially the balloons game.”

Party Time! Celebrating International Housekeeping Week at Hampton by Hilton Niceville-Eglin Air Force Base meant it was party time all week long! One popular game was the Donut and M&M Straw game. They also had a duvet making competition. When not playing games, the Housekeepers were eating homemade cookies, enjoying a cake, and celebrating the finale with a catered meal. Management handed out tokens of appreciation, including a Yeti cup, lunch bag, and T-shirts. “Congratulations and a High Five to all Housekeeping staff,” said Karolin Pennington. “You are awesome! Thank you for all your hard work to keep our hotel sparkling.”

Hats Off to Housekeepers. Hampton by Hilton Port Charlotte/Punta Gorda has a great start with their Princesses having breakfast! Games and prizes to followed. During the week they enjoyed breakfast, lunches, laughs, games galore, massages and love at its finest. They decorated derby horse mops and derby hats. “It was so much fun watching them race and seeing their smiles all week.” said Donna Barr. “They treat each other like family, not co-workers and always support each other.” Such creativity!

Celebrating and Being Sustainable. The General Manager at Hilton Chennai hoisted a flag to begin International Housekeeping Week. A week of activities were held with gifts for the winners. To celebrate sustainability, Housekeepers participated in a Plantation Drive. The team also collected and packaged used soap to be sent for processing and distribution to those in need. Along with fun games and special food, the hotel created crown aviator sunglasses. There was a Room Decoration contest and a Creating Art from Waste contest. The week ended with a beautifully detailed cake and tokens of appreciation for the Housekeepers. “This was a week to motivate and thank our Housekeeping team for all they do,” said Ramanambi E.

Super Housekeepers! When wondering how best to celebrate their Housekeeping Heroes, Hilton Pilar realized the answer was right there — their Housekeepers are superheroes! For International Housekeeping Week, the team dressed up as superheroes and showed off their powers to both Team Members and guests across the hotel. “We thank our Housekeepers for their good performance and predisposition towards Housekeeping every day,” commented Victoria Sanfelice, “Especially their super efforts and dedication!”

Combining Thriving with Giving Back. The GM at Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa opened International Housekeeping Week by giving an invitation, a handicraft wooden boat, to one of the hotel’s oldest Laundry Team Members. Activities during the week included a hike and a picnic, a slow cycle race, a fishing trip, volleyball, and an evening trek to one of the most beautiful spots on the island. Remembering to give back, the Housekeepers cleaned the Anse Mondon trail along with a section of the beach. And yes, there was a lot of delicious food. “The week was a combination of Thrive and Travel With Purpose,” said Arun Juyal. “It was a memorable Housekeeping Week.”

Housekeeping in Paradise. “At Hilton Surfers Paradise we value our kings and queens of clean so much,” Erika Nicoli said. “We had great activities organized for Housekeeping week.” The hotel made the week super special and fun for the housekeeping team with games, nice food, small gifts, and appreciation cards. Every day there was something different. They know how hard their jobs are, therefore they celebrated and thanked them for the efforts they put in every day!

Exchange Day. Hilton Tangier Al Houara Resort & Spa celebrated International Housekeeping Week with an Exchange Day. All the managers exchanged roles with the Housekeeping Team and headed out to clean the hotel. The Housekeepers were having fun and encouraging the managers for how well they were carrying out the housecleaning job duties. It turned serious work into fun for everyone! “Housekeeping did all the efforts,” said Nora Hafez. “They all deserve to Thrive!”

100 Years of Housekeeping Hospitality. The Kings and Queens of Clean enjoyed a celebratory breakfast during International Housekeeping Week at Hilton Vienna Danube Waterfront. They held a Cleaning Rally which required some precision driving, and their Treatment Training involved creating towel sculptures. The hotel also held a Tree Planting Ceremony to celebrate the week and 100 Years of Hospitality. “Thank you for all your hard work and motivating team spirit!,” said Laura Wolff. “Also, thanks for your dedication!”

Housekeeping Friends. The Housekeepers at Hilton Garden Inn Guiyang Yunyan sang “Friends” at the opening ceremony of International Housekeeping Week. During the week they had a wonderful time playing games that were especially created for them, one of which was Let’s Spot the Difference. The Housekeepers relaxed at the pool and showed off their swimming skills. The week ended with a casual hotpot dinner. “They are a team who works really hard every day,” noted Bella Wu. “This was a great opportunity to thank all of them.”

Conrad Hilton at the Door. Hilton Garden Inn Moscow Krasnoselskaya imagined what if Conrad Hilton came to our hotel? What would he see? What would we show him? Would he be happy with what he sees? We made the dream come true (with a willing relative of one of the Team Members): He came to our hotel and he visited our Housekeeping team! “Everybody was so excited, people tried their best to make Mr. Hilton love our hotel.” said Larisa Antonova. “We are proud of our Housekeeping Team!”

Housekeeping Selfie Point. Hilton Garden Inn Rome Airport had a special selfie point for the Housekeeping Team, complete with props downloaded from the Recognition website. “We want to recognize Housekeeping Team for everyday hard work and for helping to make our guests happy!” said Michela Califano. There was a delicious cake designed especially for International Housekeeping Week, and the Queens of clean were given roses. Certificates were also presented. “Thank you to our Kings and Queens of Clean,” added Michela. “It was a wonderful, fun week.”

Housekeeping Week Stars. Home2 Suites by Hilton Albuquerque / Downtown – University opened International Housekeeping Week with a walk down the red carpet. They had roses for their Housekeeping Team and showed a short clip of all the Housekeepers. At the end of the week, they held a Housekeepers Stars Awards ceremony. Based on the clip from the first day, they gave every Housekeeper an Oscar. One of their team won a competition with surrounding hotels on bed making and towel folding. The hotel also handed out awards for their three fastest Housekeepers. Diana Roman commented, “We loved awarding our housekeepers for being the best employees! Keep it up!”

Posing and Painting. Homewood Suites by Hilton Waterloo St. Jacobs kicked off International Housekeeping Week 2019 with a fun photo booth, customized with all of the great props available on the Recognition website! The team laughed and enjoyed the morning posing with fun faces! Later in the week they got creative with a pottery painting experience. They all had an individual 8x8 tile that they could create with their own unique design. And they could later take the tiles home. “Shout outs to our Queens of Clean,” said Vittoria Trinchi. “There was lots of fun to be had as we embarked on new adventures and special treats!”

Celebrating Housekeeping and Service. On a day when most of the team was in house, Hotel Ballast Wilmington, Tapestry Collection by Hilton celebrated their terrific team of Housekeepers with a breakfast bar which included juice, donuts, and granola bars. They also celebrated 47 years of service from one of their Housekeepers! Hired in 1972, she remained at the hotel as it went from the Timme Plaza, to the Hilton Wilmington Riverside, to the current brand of Hotel Ballast Wilmington, Tapestry Collection by Hilton. “We gave Miss Liz a basket full of her favorite things to remind her we appreciate all she does.” said Dacia Zimmer. “We love our Housekeeping Team.”

Relax and Enjoy. At Waldorf Astoria Cairo Heliopolis, International Housekeeping Week started with a luxury breakfast. The team played games on the second day, and the week continued with a gathering of the Kings and Queens of Clean at their pizza bar. After making sure work was complete and guests were satisfied, day four ended with ice cream! To complete the week there was a celebration with awards, giveaways, and raffle along with burgers and a nice cake. Nader Adib said, “Thank you, Housekeeping Team, for your great efforts to satisfy our guests and make sure that our hotel is clean and tidy daily!”

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Best Practices
Tune Up the Vacuums. The Engineering team at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Tucson – Reid Park, AZ, showed how much they appreciated their Housekeepers by “kidnapping” all the vacuums and carts and giving them a good cleaning and tune-up, so they worked as good as new. They also wrote personal thank-you notes to the team.
Studies show that one in three employees cite lack of recognition as
a factor when leaving their job. Recognition can positively impact retention and much more.