234 Days Left Until Housekeeping Week.

Click here to order merchandise to recognize your team, such as T-shirts, tote bags, water bottles, and more. Or download artwork and create your own.

International Housekeeping Week Merchandise & Artwork

Looking for Housekeeping Week T-shirts, buttons, and other merchandise? Then you’ve come to the right place. You can also download printable artwork and create your own materials.

Housekeeping Week Buttons and Other Merchandise
Housekeeping Week Artwork

Housekeeping Week Buttons and Other Merchandise

Get into the spirit of Housekeeping Week by ordering buttons for your team to wear during the program. You’ll also find T-shirts, water bottles, and more to recognize your Kings and Queens of Clean, promote the program, and decorate team areas.

Click here to view this year's Housekeeping Week merchandise collection.

This year, we also have merchandise available on Cafepress.

Click here to view this year's Cafepress Housekeeping Week merchandise collection.

Housekeeping Week Artwork

Download 2020 International Housekeeping Week artwork and create your own promotional materials.

Download Illustrator EPS files
Download Illustrator PNG files
Download Photoshop PDF file

Best Practices
Send Recognition Home. Mail a note of thanks home for their families to see! Embassy Suites Dallas – Love Field, TX, mails a hand-written thank you card from the GM to each Team Member’s home, so each Housekeeper’s family will know how much they are appreciated.
Studies show that one in three employees cite lack of recognition as
a factor when leaving their job. Recognition can positively impact retention and much more.