238 Days Left Until Housekeeping Week.
Did you know that we spotlight a different department every month? Click here for more information, and for customizable tools and best practices to recognize all departments.

Celebrate International Housekeeping Week!

International Housekeeping Week is September 10-16, 2017. Every year, we set aside one special week to honor our year-round heroes of Housekeeping. Check back in early August to begin preparations for the week. And be sure to set aside time to recognize all of your departments. At Hilton, we’ve designated a specific month to recognize every department! Click here to view a 2017 department of the month calendar. You can also download a variety of customizable tools and view best practices to recognize every department. Find out more.

Best Practices
Create a Cart of Honor. Create a brand-new cart for a Housekeeping star. Hilton Houston NASA Clear Lake, TX, has a cart stocked with brand-new equipment; whoever has the highest inspection scores gets the cart for the month. Decorate a cart with crepe paper, ribbons, balloons, paint, and poster board. Let the team help with the decorating. You can use this throughout the year!
Studies show that one in three employees cite lack of recognition as a factor when
leaving their job. Recognition can positively impact retention and much more.